Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's official my favorite cart is....

You've probably already guessed it from all the fun I've been having but silly me I like to think that I'm so
versatile with all my cricut cartridges. Here is a look back at my very first card I made with the create a critter cart. I made this one for my good friend Ashley when her family moved. I was so proud of my creative way of using the sentiment "Home Tweat Home" hardy har har get it??!!! Side note: I am still so new to all this card making stuff that I don't know any of the card vocabulary, like what is an A2 card? This card that you see here is like 6X9 hahaha!!! I had to go to michaels and buy there biggest envelopes and of course they didn't have anything less than a 10 pack. So now sometime in the future there will be more blogs with more big cards cause you can't waste big envelopes!

This next card is one of 9 invitations I made for my mother in law. She asked me to make them for the annual family turkey dinner this year. 

On the inside is my very first attempt at inking. I inked the edges of the cream colored card stock to give it some what of a distressed look. I used a paper towel and a 99 cent ink pad from hobby lobby. I think it turned out pretty darn good!

These days I'm using Inkssentials and not the paper towels anymore! hahaha It's a really good tool for inking the sides of your frames or distressing things. It's pretty much the only inking tool I use. If you see ink in any of my projects this is the tool that did it. The tool and my crafty hands!

And last but not least my first try at a Christmas card. Of course I used create a critter!!! This is another size botched card. I'm glad I found the perfect size cards for me now and that I've been creating away! Whoo hoo!!!


  1. These cards are really cute! I think CAC is on the top of most everyone's list of favorite carts. Nice start on your blog. I haven't been brave enough to try setting one up. I just became one of your followers. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Thank you Sherri!! I'm just getting settled in and you'll see that I'm obbssessed with changing the backgrounds and still working on making it my own. You should get one!! It's fun!! Thanks for becoming my follower. :)