Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Answering some blogger questions.....

Hey ya'll I'm sad to report that I have to get a replacement machine. At this time of year it totally blows but I'd rather face it now than have to pay for a whole new machine because the warranty is up.

While I was on the phone with provocraft I asked them some questions of things that have been bugging me that I've seen posted on other blogs and such. This might put some other people at ease like it did me...

I asked, "Are you discontinuing the cuttlebug" and they said "we just came out with the second version of the cuttlebug so we have no plans to discontinue the cuttlebug." Thank Goodness!! This still doesn't really answer the question if the first cuttlebug is gonna be discontinued but at least we know they will probably continue to make embossing folders and the second version of the cuttlebug. That last part is just me thinking (or typing) out loud....not sound advice.

I'm also always reading blogs and watching videos on youtube and I thought they were coming out with a new gypsy. So I asked if they had plans to make a new gypsy because I don't want to buy the current version and then find out 2 months later that it's being replaced by a cooler user friendly version and now the one I have is obsolete. They said, "No there is no plans here to make a new gypsy at this time." I'm still kinda leary about this. This is totally me going off track but I don't want to get this gyspy and even a year from now find out a better version is coming out. Anyone who has a gypsy and reads my blog can you tell me the pro's and con's to having one? I'm just afraid I'm gonna get it and it'll be like looking at a foriegn language.

Alrighty. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. Surround yourself with people who love you and respect you and support everything that you do and have fun pigging out on all those fixin's!!! I know I will!!

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