Thursday, December 16, 2010

My opinion on the subject....

Alot of people on the forums have been moaning and groaning about I read all the posts and I've had my own personal experiences with the company on 3 seperate orders. I think that entitles me to have an opinion and here it is....

I get the frustration with waiting for your stuff to come in the mail but when a company is backed up there is really nothing you can do about it. When I see people on the forums posting things like this company is a fraudulent company it kinda pisses me off. allthough they are slow they have great prices but I don't know anyone on here that can say that just out of no where started putting false charges on there credit cards. I see people who say after they placed an order with their credit card they had a charge from another company but how is that in any relation to can they prove it? I think all these rumors are giving this company who provides us with pretty freaking awesome prices a bad rap and I'm gonna be the first one to say I'll keep buying from them because I've had no problems whatsoever. In fact my last order was placed on friday the 10th and they upgraded my shipping for free and I got my gypsy on monday the 13th. Sorry for being so blunt.

Someone thought I was singling them out and apologized for herself. I don't want to paste what she wrote from the forums just in case that's not allowed. But here is my response. I just don't understand why everyone jumps on the band wagon of hating a company so much and all the rumors are hear say. Blah!

Hey, I wasn't singling out any one person in this post. I was frustrated with every single person on this forum who moans about Have a little patience with a company that we probably all buy from because of the great prices. Don't just automatically come on the forums and start saying that the company is fraugulent and that no one should ever buy from them. Most of the people on here end up eating their words cause a few days later they end up getting their stuff anyways.

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  1. I have purchased from them a number of times and have not had one problem. I am very pleased with the special offers and enjoy the reduced prices they offer. If I know that they are offering ridiculously low prices and everybody and their cousin is going to be sending in an order, I know that I will probably have to wait a little longer to get my order. Instant gratification is not available when ordering online. ;)