Monday, March 14, 2011

My opinion on the topic of the week!!

This is about the law suit stuff going on with Provo Craft. I've seen alot of upset people and here is my opinion on the matter......

My opinion is that when I bought my machine I was made aware that if I used my machine for 3rd party piggy back programs that had nothing to do with provo craft that my machine would basically be void and that provo craft would not give me a warranty on my machine. To me that means that I shouldn't be using those 3rd party programs on my machine. If I can't afford the cartridges or the up keep matts and blades made by provo craft for the machine that they sell then maybe I shouldn't have purchased the machine at all. I'm not trying to be mean or pissy but I'm very surprised that people are so surprised this is happening. Did you think you would get away with using someone else's machine for free cuts forever? Come on people, it's finally time PC stood up for their products and made people understand they just can't ride on their coat tails.


  1. I agree with you Amy. I just became familiar with MTC & SCAL and I know that people sing their praises but I personally would be scared to use them for fear that it would damage or destroy my machine. I know that if PC won't replace my machines I can't afford to so I'm so careful with all of them.

  2. I totally agree with you!! I knew darn well when I bought my machine that I couldn't use 3rd party programs. There are plenty of other machines out there that will do what these people are looking for. It amazes me the greed in some people. Provo Craft is a business, too, & they need to look out for themselves. Also, all of this talk about poor products & customer service...I've NEVER had an issue with any of my PC products or customer service.

  3. I agree with you!!!