Friday, February 4, 2011

The Sweetest Thing....

This morning my son and I were about to start walking downstairs to start our day. He looked up at me and said, "Mom carry." I said, "Baby Mommies arms have owies from shoveling yesterday. You can walk like a big boy." He looks at me with a sad face and says, "2 owies" and then points at my arm and then his ankle. So I said, "Mommy kiss your owie and make it better" and I leaned down and kissed his cute little foot. He then says, "I make mom better" and he kisses my arm. He looks up and me and says, "2 feel betters, Lycan feel better and Mom feel better." I wanted to melt right there. It was the sweetest thing ever!!!

A little background story.... my son was diagnosed with speech apraxia after a few months of speech therapy when he was 2 years old. Doctors and Therapist pushed and pushed him in therapy and we took him to specialsts and it was pretty much said that our son would never talk. He would need a device that he hangs around his neck and it talks for him. My husband and I were devistated because it just seemed like he was soooo young to get this kind of diagnosis. We continued therapy with him 2-3 times a week for an hour at a time and everytime we went he would just have these anxiety attacks. He would close up and maybe say one or two words in therapy. My husband and I decided last summer that the therapy was just making our son close up and it wasn't doing him any good. So we took him completely out of all therapies. About 2 months later I'll never forget it we were putting a diaper on him for nap time and we were singing the abc's and my son started saying every letter after us. That was the first time I knew we had done the right thing. From that point on he started trying to say more words. The words were coming out so clear and beautiful. If you have a child and when they are 3 years old and you've never heard their voice it is such a heart warming moment when you finally get to hear them speak. As of today he can say so many words and he puts sentences together and he totally knows how to get what he wants from mom. I'm the big pushover!! hahaha!!! But I wouldn't have it any other way. He's my sweet boy.


  1. What a heart warming story, Amy. It just goes to show you that parents know their children better than the dr's do ! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  2. That is awesome, Amy!!!! My oldest son is mentally handicapped and I know what you mean! We got him involved in horse back riding therapy and he has come soooo far in this speech and OT/PT too. Something you might want to consider. There is just something animal therapy.