Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

Hey Everybody!! I hope if your in a snowy area you are staying toasty warm inside and that you have power. Alot of people in the chicago area are without power but thank goodness we still have it. I'd go stir crazy without some kind of internet or TV. My son is being soooo goofy with me today. We woke up and looked out every window of the house and took pictures and just had fun giggling with eachother about how deep the snow is. I think we'll be snowed in here for awhile. I went and did my grocery shopping yesterday morning so if were stuck at least we won't starve. hee hee

Here is the first pic we took. It's the view from our back patio door. I measured it with my cricut paper cutter and it's 25 inches deep!

Anyone wanna come over for a BBQ???!!!

This is the view looking down at the back yard from my sons bedroom window. I didn't take a picture of it but the neighbors house straight back from this picture has a snow drift on the side of the house that is at least 9 feet tall. I wanna go walk thru it just to say I've walked thru snow. hahaha!!! But that won't happen I'm too chicken!! hahahahaha!!!

O.K. so our neighbors have 3 cars. Their sedan, SUV and big truck. We live in Navy Housing and have to share a driveway with them. Last night they were going out with their truck and compacting the snow into the driveway so they could just drive over it. I was so mad at them last night because they compacted all the snow with their truck and we only have a little corolla that would never be able to go over the compacted snow. So if we did have to leave we'd have to go out there and dig up all that compacted snow. They just made things really hard for us. At about 8PM I looked outside and both their truck and SUV were gone but they had left their garage door open. This is the what happened to them because they forgot to close the garage door.

I wonder what their gonna do now. I've not yet seem them outside with a shovel all winter. 

This is the view of the driveway... you say...what driveway??!!! It's totally covered by at least 20 inches of snow. Luckily the drifting made it so there is no snow directly in front of our garage. And I don't think the plows have been out in our neighborhood all night. The roads are completly covered as well. 

This is the view from our front door. The neighbors across the street got the snow drift and it's half way up their door. Those windows on the front of the house are at least 3.5 feet off the ground and the snow is right below them.

I hope everyone enjoys my snowy pictures!!! Thanks for looking!! Amy :)

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